_DSC5188-2 (Copia)WEBI have always drawn, since I remember, from when I used to call the pink pastel “pink beauty”. At four years old I won a drawing competition at a campsite in France, the teacher was enthusiastic. I did not understand such enthusiasm. The painting was simply a woman walking on cubes: she had long legs and wore a long skirt; the hair was blonde and her eyes down, almost sad. It had been my dream the night before, so for me it was quite natural draw that.”p>

– – –

Thus began the artistic career of Clelia Catalano, illustrator and painter, born and raised in Palermo in 1985. After high school diploma, she moved to London where she spent two years and later in Florence to attend the illustration course at the International School of Comics. During this period, she began to put on canvas his visions. The subjects of her paintings, suspended between dream and reality, attract a lot of attention, especially from other artists.

In 2011, the director Romeo Conte takes her as “honor artist” at the Film Festival of Salento and
Maurizio Lombardi, actor and director of the company “The vessel wandering”, hires her as a costume and set designer.

In 2014 she was a finalist for the Basilio Cascella award (one of the most prestigious awards in photography and painting in Italy since 1955), obtaining the 3rd and 2nd place for the criticism jury and for the popular one respectively, with special mention as the first painter in the history of the award classified in the top places.

Clelia now lives in Rome and Barcelona where she continues to work on her paintings: original paintings on canvas, paper and murals and for the theater company.